Hancock County Auditor 
Charity A. Rauschenberg, CPA

Dog License Application

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There is more to owning a dog than food, water, shelter and an occasional brushing. This document will explain responsibilities to the animal, neighbors and the law.


Why are dog licenses necessary?

First, licensing is a requirement of state law. Second, the license attached to a dog’s collar will identify the owner should the dog get lost. If a dog, with license attached, is found running at large by the Hancock County Dog Warden, the owner will be contacted by phone to be notified that the dog has been impounded and where the dog can be retrieved.


When should a dog be controlled?

At all times. The Ohio Revised Code specifies that all dogs must be either kept confined to their property or be under reasonable control at all times. Letting a dog out of the door, for instance, is not normally considered reasonable control. A dog that is leashed or under the owner’s control when being walked is considered reasonable. The owner can be held responsible for damages that a dog causes to property or persons.

Why should a dog be controlled?

As a courtesy to others and to protect the dog. Imagine how a neighbor must feel when a dog runs through his garden, messes his yard, knocks over his trash can, or bites his child. If the dog owner lives near farm country, imagine being the farmer who had his animals killed or injured by dogs. All of these things can and do happen in Hancock County. It is the fault of no one except the irresponsible dog owner.

It is also dangerous for a dog to run at large. Dogs are no match for cars. A dog may have fun digging in trash and garbage, but it can kill the dog. The dog could accidentally eat a sharp object or purposely eat sharp bones, both of which could puncture intestines and kill the dog. Or the irate neighbor or farmer could kill or injure the dog.


When should a dog be immunized against rabies?

By the time a dog is 3-4 month of age. It’s wise to follow the advice of a veterinarian in this area. Depending upon which vaccine the vet uses, the dog will need new shots every 1 or 3 years.

Where should I get my dog immunized?

Any Veterinarian.

Why should I immunize a dog?

The answer to this is simple. Rabies can be contracted by any warm blooded animal -- including man. It is almost always fatal. Rabies immunization helps to prevent contraction of the disease.

Rabies are normally transferred through a bite or scratch. This can only occur when animals are together, so it is safer to keep the dog confined.

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