Hancock Public Health

History of Hancock County Health Department

The State of Ohio started filing birth and death records in 1909, thus beginning the Ohio Department of Health.

Mark Donaldson, an accessionist at the Hancock County Historical Museum provided the following information.

In 1925 a Hancock County Board of Health was established.  An influenza pandemic, which had originated in Europe, had occurred, and the State was mandating that counties form health departments to work toward inoculating school children, and to work with doctors in small nearby towns to ensure people were being inoculated for communicable diseases.

The County Commissioners appointed S.F. Whisler to be the Health Commissioner on the County Health Board, and he was the only person appointed, at the time.

The County Health Department was first located in the basement of the Court House.  Prior to the County Health Department, people went to  Hancock County's Infirmary in the search of immunizations, where there was a doctor in residence.