Parenting Classes

Approved for Hancock County Common Pleas Court, Domestic Relation Division


All parties in cases where minor children are involved are required to attend a parenting class.  A divorce will not be completed until Plaintiff has attended a parenting class.  A dissolution will not be completed until both parties have attended a parenting class.  A parenting motion hearing will not be completed until the filing party has attended a parenting class. The parties must file their certificates of attendance with the Hancock County Clerk of Courts. 

The following classes are approved by the Domestic Relations Division. You may choose any approved class, or may file a motion for approval of an alternative class. To attend an approved class:

1. Go to the appropriate website.

2. Follow the directions to register and pay for the class.

3. Complete the class.

4. Save and print the certificate of attendance.

5. Submit the certificate of attendance to the Clerk of Courts,
          300 S. South Main St., Third Floor, Findlay, OH 45840.


New Divorces and Dissolutions:

A-OK Assisting Our Kids

The Center for Divorce Education
Children in Between
$45.95 plus $3.00 data management fee

Online Parenting Programs
Online Co-Parenting/Divorce Class 4 Hour
(Spanish version available)


Post-Decree Motions:

The Center for Divorce Education
High Conflict Solutions: The Add on – High Conflict Solutions 4 Hour Course

Online Parenting Programs
-High-Conflict Co-parenting, Parenting Without Conflict, 6 hour online $30.00
-High-Conflict Co-parenting, Parenting Without Conflict, 12 hour online $30.00


Children’s Classes: 

No classes for the children are currently approved by the Domestic Relations Division. Until an appropriate class for children can be located, reviewed, and approved, the Magistrate will waive the children’s requirement.



If you are indigent and cannot afford a parenting class, you may file an Affidavit of Indigency (Poverty Affidavit) along with a Motion to File Without Pre-Payment of Costs. These forms are available on the Court’s website: The Court will review your Affidavit and Motion and will determine if you are indigent. If the Court issues an Order finding that you are indigent, you can use that Order to seek reduced class fees on the parenting class website.


Please call 419-424-7818 for questions.


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