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If you need help completing the forms, Legal Aid of Western Ohio and the Findlay-Hancock County Bar Association conduct  Domestic Relations Clinics on the 2nd Thursday of each month from 1– 4 p.m. on the Ground Floor of the Hancock County Courthouse. Please arrive at 12:30 p.m. for intake.

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Filed if you want to respond to the complaint and to file your own request for a divorce or legal separation.

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Filed if you want to respond to your spouse’s complaint for divorce or legal separation.

Required for all new divorces and dissolutions.

Given to the Clerk of Courts when you file a new case.

Filed to begin the divorce case.

Taken to Domestic Relations Court if you and your former spouse agree to some changes in the parenting arrangements (residential parent, parenting time, support). You prepare a Consent Judgment Entry in this form to address the areas you want to modify by agreement. Please note: Illegible hand-written entries will not be approved. It is your responsibility to attach all required notices and a current child support worksheet, if child support is involved (even if no child support will be paid). It is your responsibility to make appropriate changes, or attach additional pages, if you have agreements that are not covered in this form.

If both parties to a support order agree that a credit should be given against an existing arrearage, this can be completed and submitted to the Domestic Relations Court. You must provide current addresses, the nature of the request, and the reason for the request. The request is not automatically approved, because all child support payments are to be made through the child support enforcement agency as ordered. If the request is not approved, the request will be set for hearing.

You must take this with you when you go to your dissolution hearing, and you will need to have at least two copies of the decree and at least three copies of the separation agreement.

This form is filed with the Clerk of Courts as a record of those requesting access to the financial or other information placed in the Family File rather than in the public record of the case.


Instructions (pdf)
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Click on the instructions link immediately above for detailed instructions and checklists for different kinds of court actions for domestic relations court (for example, divorce, dissolutions, requests to the court for orders). You are strongly encouraged to get assistance from an attorney. The form provided for the separation agreement may not adequately cover all the property issues that are involved in your particular circumstances. It is intended as guidance only, not either as a required form or as a complete form for all cases. You are responsible for modifying the agreement to fit your circumstances or for finding a form that fits your case more accurately. We have provided no separation agreement form for cases involving minor children due to the complexity of those agreements and orders, including multiple statutory requirements and notices.

Filed if you believe the other party has violated a court order; tells what you think he/she did wrong, gives notice of potential penalties, and tells the Clerk how to send it to the other party.

Filed when you want the court to change some orders regarding residential parent, legal custody, shared parenting, parenting time (i.e. visitation).

Filed with a complaint or counterclaim to have the court prohibit transfer of money or property and prohibit harassing each other.

You complete and file the motion and affidavit to show the court why you cannot pay the full cost deposit, and you give the Clerk of Courts the Order for Filing to take to the Magistrate or Judge to see if they will approve your request.

Filed when you want the court to change some orders regarding who pays what and how much for the children.

If you decide to dismiss a case or motion that you filed.


To be provided to the court assistant for scheduling a hearing that you have requested.

Notice that a residential parent will be moving.

If you or the other parent has requested an administrative review of the child support amount through the Hancock County Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA), and the CSEA has either issued a recommendation or a written decision after a hearing at the CSEA, you may file an objection directly with the Court by completing this form and taking it to the Clerk of Courts on the Third Floor of the Hancock County Courthouse. If the CSEA recommended a support modification and you believe you are entitled to a deviation from the calculated amount (for example, you have the children extra time or pay expenses directly), you may request a court hearing without having an administrative hearing at the CSEA. If you disagree with the decision made after you had a hearing at the CSEA, you may file your objection and get a court hearing. Although you need to notify the CSEA when you file an objection, the CSEA does not represent either of you or present your case in court – that is your responsibility. You may each represent yourself at the court hearing, or you may hire an attorney. Either way, at the court hearing the court will consider both parents’ reasons related to the support modification. Make sure you complete the form in hand-writing that is easy to read (i.e. legible).

To be filed to explain why you object to any Decision that a Magistrate has filed.

You complete and file the motion and affidavit to show the court why you cannot pay the full cost deposit, and you give the Clerk of Courts the Order for Filing to take to the Magistrate or Judge to see if they will approve your request.

Must be included in all orders regarding support of children as medical support/insurance is part of the obligation of support.

Can be filed with Motion for Contempt to get court order requiring the other party to appear at the hearing.

Required for all actions involving minor children.

Signed by both spouses and filed when you both want to end the marriage and you both have agreed in writing about what happens regarding the children and your property and debts.


You complete and file the motion and affidavit to show the court why you cannot pay the full cost deposit, and you give the Clerk of Courts the Order for Filing to take to the Magistrate or Judge to see if they will approve your request.


To be filed when you have a good reason to ask to change the date and time of a hearing scheduled by the court.

Filed with a complaint or motion (that re-opens a case) to have the Clerk of Courts send documents to the other party.

To be provided to the Hancock County Court Reporters to order a transcript and get an estimate of the cost of the transcript; needed when objecting to a Magistrate’s Decision.

To be filed to get time to get the transcript before you actually detail why you think the Decision was wrong.

What you must file with the petition for dissolution to show the details of your agreement. The form provided is only for couples without children because of the complexity of issues regarding children.

Filed with a petition for dissolution so the Clerk of Courts does not have to send you another copy of your petition.

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Note: These forms do not represent all documents that may be filed in the domestic relations court. Each case is different, and you have to adjust what you file to your particular case. These are provided to assist you in preparing your documents, not to guarantee that you will have all potential paperwork or that you will be granted what you want.