Hancock County Treasurer

J. Steve Welton

Hancock County Treasurer

Office Information

Hancock County Courthouse
300 S Main Street
Findlay OH 45840




In an effort to protect our great community as well as our staff the Hancock County Treasurer’s Office is closed to the public for all non-essential business effective Monday, March 23, 2020 as part of the countywide response to the COVID-19 outbreak.  If you feel it is imperative to meet with us, please call the office at 419-424-7213 or email us at treasurer@co.hancock.oh.us.  If the situation cannot be handled via telephone or online, an appointment will be scheduled.

As always, payments can be made by the following methods:

*Check payments should be mailed to the Hancock County Treasurer at 300 S Main St Findlay, OH  45840. 

*Credit Card payments can be made by visiting The Official Payments website at www.officialpayments.com

Or via telephone 1-800-272-9829

Until we open our office again to the public, a drop box will be located inside the west-side Courthouse entrance by the security officer for CHECK ONLY payments.  This may change as the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak evolves.  Please call ahead if you want to verify this is still an option. (419)424-7213

Please know that we are still here to serve you as best we can in these challenging times we face together as a community. Your cooperation and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Together we will get through this!

J. Steve Welton,

Hancock County Treasurer
























The County Treasurer's major responsibility is the collection of various taxes. The most noted and largest dollar amounts collected in taxes come from Real Property Taxes. Other taxes collected by the County Treasurer are Manufactured Home, Inheritance, Hotel-Motel and Special Assessments.

The County Treasurer is the collector and safekeeper of all taxes collected in taxing districts such as schools, cities, townships and villages. As the tax collector for these various districts, the County Treasurer must efficiently and effectively account for all monies collected in these districts in a timely manner.  The faster the tax dollars can be accounted for, the faster the taxing districts can receive their income from tax monies collected. The taxing districts operate from the dollars collected by the County Treasurer.

My staff and I are ready to serve you either by phone or when you come to our office.