Solid Waste Management District

Hancock County SWMD - Landfill Manager

Don Moses
Assistant Manager:  Chad Warnimont
Office Manager:  Rhonda Dingelstedt


Hancock County SWMD - Litter Landing Director

Courtney Comstock

Sanitary Engineer

Steve Wilson, P.E., P.S

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Hancock County Solid Waste District - Landfill
Located at:  3763 CR 140, Findlay, Ohio 45840
Mailing Address:    300 S. Main St.,   Findlay, Ohio 45840
Phone:  419-299-3638     Fax:  419-299-3634

Hancock County Solid Waste District - Litter Landing
Located at:   1720 E. Sandusky Street, Findlay, Ohio 45840
Mailing Address:   300 S. Main St.,   Findlay, Ohio 45840
Phone: 419-424-1113
Manager Contact: phone:  419-424-7210    or via   email:

Hancock County Landfill
3763 County Rd. 140
Findlay, Ohio 45840

Office: 419-299-3638
Fax:  419-299-3634


Please click the link below to view the 2020 Hancock County Solid Waste Management District Plan Update



The Hancock County SWMD is administered by the Hancock County SWMD Policy Board and the Board of County Commissioners.

OUR MISSION: Increase community involvement & participation in recycling, reduce dependance on our local sanitary landfill, and  maintain clean, litter free roadways and waterways in Findlay and Hancock County.

We want to provide environmental programs and opportunities that positively impact the Hancock County community, and enhance the attitudes and actions of our citizens regarding the proper disposal of waste.

As Findlay and Hancock County continue to grow and develop, it's important that we are responsible about what we send to our landfill. We need to make sure that what we throw away is truly trash and that recyclable materials are diverted from the waste stream

The Hancock County Solid Waste Management District sponsors environmental activities throughout the year.  Residents are encouraged to participate in Spring Clean Up and the Adopt-A-Road Program. Keep America Beautiful Inc. has honored Hancock County with the President's Circle Award several years in a row in recognition of our efforts.   Recycling events are held throughout the year such as Tire Amnesty Day, Paper Shredding Day and Hazardous Waste Collection Day.

The Hancock County Recycling and Litter Prevention Program was established in 1981 as a joint effort between the City of Findlay and the Board of Hancock County Commissioners, The litter prevention and recycling program was formed as a comprehensive litter control program to address environmental needs and concerns facing our community. Since 1981, the Findlay-Hancock County community has been an active member of Keep America Beautiful, Inc., a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving waste handling practices in America. Since its establishment, the program has had a tremendous impact upon our community in litter control and recycling efforts.                                      

Over 300 local businesses, churches, schools, civic groups, and other organizations have given generous support to the program.  Please contact us at 419-424-7210 if you want to start a recycling program at your organization or make a donation to the Solid Waste Management District to help further our cause and improve Hancock County's environment for our future.


Throughout the years  there have  been changes in the    way we accomplish our mission.  The Hancock County Solid  Waste  Management  District  (SWMD)  wants  to provide  the  residents  with  the  most up to  date  solid      waste,  recycling and   litter awareness information and programs available. The SWMD works under the Board   of  Hancock  County   Commissioners and the Hancock      County Solid  Waste  Management District Policy Board to provide  recycling  opportunities,  education programs, and other collection events.

Click to view the Hancock County SWMD Plan Update Hancock SWMP Draft 2013_with district map

Hancock County 
SWMD Policy Board
Michael Pepple, Hancock County Commissioner
Mayor Christina Muryn, City of Findlay 
Lindsay Summit, Health District Representative
Eric Swaisgood, Industrial Generator Representative
Richard Kozlowski, Citizen Representative
Joe Smith, Township Representative
Ed Ingold, Public Representative

Hancock County Landfill
Don Moses, Manager
Chad Warnimont, Asst. Manager
Rhonda Dingelstedt, Office Manager

Hancock County SWMD
Litter Landing
Courtney Comstock


Sanitary Engineer
    Steve Wilson, P.E., P.S



Hancock County
Board of County Commissioners
Timothy K. Bechtol
Michael W. Pepple
  William L. Bateson 


What  materials do we recycle?

Aerosol Cans
Beverage Cans
Steel Food Cans
Aluminum Foil
Hard Cover Books
Paperback Books
Computer Paper
Corrugated Cardboard
Greeting Cards
Household Mail
Office Paper
Paper Grocery Bags
Plastic #1, #2, #3, #5, #7



 Back Yard Composting