Prosecuting Attorney
​Phillip A. Riegle


Juvenile Prosecution

The prosecution of juvenile offenders who commit all crimes from minor misdemeanors to felonies.  There are different Court Diversion Programs for some offenders.  An offender may be placed on probation or in more serious offenses they may be sent to Juvenile Rehabilitation Center.  Department of Youth Services is another facility juvenile offenders may be sent for the most heinous crimes.  

Child Protective Service Unit

This division of the Prosecutor's Office handles the protection of children who cannot protect themselves. There are many aspects of cases that range from dependency to neglect and abuse. Information is received from both law enforcement and Children's Protective Services. Once a case is brought to the Prosecutor's Office, there is a two-year period to either return the children to their families (if they work the case plan), or the children are placed in the permanent custody of the State.